Bit Brigade from Ninja Band - Evading the Enemy

Bit Brigade from Mega Band - Air Man

Manray from Tournament - Gordon Lamborghini

The Bronzed Chorus from Gleaning - walletkeys/phonesmokes

Bit Brigade from Castlebandia - Vampire Killer

So Many Dynamos from The Loud Wars - Glaciers

Antarctic from S/T - Pasea la Salamandria

Ninja Band
CD | SIR 028
Our newest addition, Ninja Band is Bit Brigade's finest recording offering to date. 29 tracks of pure anxiety inducing pleasure from NES' Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden 2! Check out a sample track to the left there. Order your copy today!

Mega Band
CD | SIR 027
We're happier than ever to announce the arrival of Bit Brigade's long awaited opus: Megaband. This record is 25 rocking tracks off the soundtrack to NES' classic Megaman 2 with a few tunes thrown in from Megaman 3 & 4 for good measure. It has garnered nothing but superlative praise in its early release and copies are selling quickly. Pre-order your copy today!

CD LP | SIR 026
Available now! We are proud to be the home of Manray's first full-length record, Tournament. This 9 track record manages to incorporate both the raw, violent aggression of late 80s and early 90s hardcore punk; with Fugazi and Refused being two touchstones, without sacrificing the jaw-dropping technicality reminiscent of post-millennial bands Cinemechanica and Battles. Please order your CD and/or 12″ record today!


Hello Sir Records is very proud to present two brand new albums this fall. Manray's debut full length "Tournament" and The Bronzed Chorus' new EP "Gleaning" are the first in a long line of upcoming releases that exemplify the attention to detail and creativity Hello Sir Records prides itself on.

Manray are an Athens, GA based four piece composed of three brothers: Ryan, Jordan and Derek Olivera, and guitarist/vocalist Eugene Woolfolk III. They deliver heavy, intricate rock that incorporates the weaving guitar lines of Cinemechanica, the raw live energy of We Versus the Shark, and the sculpted dynamics of A.Armada and Maserati. The debut record "Tournament" arrives in September and can be pre-ordered here through Hello Sir Records.

The Bronzed Chorus expand on their propulsive sound adding new drummer, Hunter Allen, and an Atari 2600 on "Gleaning" creating an awesome expanse of head-nodding drum lines and dancing stereo guitar melodies set in a bleak post-industrial soundscape. The first full length for Hello Sir "I'm the Spring" delivered big hooks and all out rock but only hinted at the longer and more introspective arrangements on "Gleaning." Check it out here, available now.

Both Manray and The Bronzed Chorus are heading out on the road in August and September to showcase their new material and bring a taste of things to come from Hello Sir Records. Check the "tourdates" page to see if they are coming to your part of the country.

In addition to Manray and The Bronzed Chorus' new records, Hello Sir is extremely proud to present Bit Brigade's twenty-nine track ode to the Nintendo classic, Castlevania III. The project is called "Castlebandia" and takes video game tribute to the nth degree with note for note accuracy and entire game coverage. Video game fans, musicians musicians, and pretty much anyone who was alive in the early 90's would enjoy the feeling of nostalgia and the level of craftsmanship delivered on this record. Check it out here…

Keep checking back for more news and stay updated on upcoming releases from quadraphonic guitar group 'Powers, and Cinemechanica's upcoming second full length.

CD | SIR 025

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CD | SIR 024

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The Loud Wars
12" Vinyl | SIR 023

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